Seven Things to Know When Buying Real Estate

Buying real estate can be daunting, here are seven things that may help you on your way
    1. Know what is important to you? Where do you want to buy? What type of house are you looking for e.g. weatherboard or brick? What is my price range? Do I want to renovate?
    2. Are you aware that stamp duty may be payable when you purchase a home? Also, your mortgage broker or conveyancer/solicitor will be able to help you out with this. * There are also exemptions so please call us to discuss.
    3. When you are looking for your next property, it is important that you engage a solicitor or conveyancer. They can assist with any property documents associated with the sale.
    4. Finance Pre Approval is recommended as it shows that you are ready and able to purchase.
    5. You may want to request a building and pest inspection of the property. It is important that you find a reputable provider.
    6. When you put forward a contract offer you may be requested to make an initial deposit. The amount depends on the property.
    7. Make sure you read the Due Diligence form.

Call us with any further questions.